Dr. Thunderjack and his Mighty Disclaimer!

IE: Warning! Warning ahead!

Dr. Thunderjack is for MATURE AUDIENCES only. Dr. Thunderjack himself is a character that can be considered rather Perverted, perhaps extremely Immoral, and possibly Offensive. He'll perform deviant sexual acts right in the palaces of royalty, on the streets of cities, and anywhere he has the desire to. He'll kill those that need to die without remorse. And it's through his actions that the Vatican of HIS world no longer exists.
WITH THAT SAID: The creator condones no acts of violence except in the defense of self or others. The creator has no desire to see the Vatican destroyed in the way Dr. Thunderjack done so, and so on. Dr. Thunderjack is a work of FICTION, and in no way represents the creator. The creator of Dr. Thunderjack is in no way responsible for the actions of Dr. Thunderjack or anyone who tries to emulate him. Due to this warning, the creator of the Dr. Thunderjack fictional character is also not responsible for your offense due to anything the fictional character has done. You were warned. You are also warned that you must behave civilly on this site, which includes treating everyone else as you wish to be treated yourself. Breaks of the law or of common morality will be responded to in an appropriate fashion.
If you are already offended at the concept, you are legally obligated to go no further and must move on to another website.
CONVERSELY: Dr. Thunderjack has a strong moral code. He's extremely perverted and offensive, yes. However, he fights for, and believes very strongly in, Human Rights, and the concept of Equality is perhaps his strongest virtue. He is most often seen fighting against oppression and ethnic cleansing, and tries his best to bring humanity a better future. He's not a hero, he's not a villian. He's just a man.


He came from nowhere, an answer to our prayers. The bullets of the British that had slaughtered our people bounced off him harmlessly. Cannonshell staggered him but little. And like some Angel of Vengeful Justice, he tore into the lines of our oppressors...
And his life continued in the same manner. Whenever injustices against humankind sprung up, he was there. He stole the power of Thunder and Lightning from the gods themselves so he may better serve the weak and the oppressed. He destroyed corruption and created the foundation of tomorrow. And it was with him that we learned of the true meaning of Equality and Human Rights and the whole of our world found a new Golden Age. He left to nowhere, when we needed no longer to be saved by him. He lead us into space, and while we settled the Moon and Mars and the rest of our solar system, he kept building for tomorrow. And eventually, into tomorrow, and the sea of stars, we lost him.


Help Dr. Thunderjack save the world! Donate now! The stories of Dr. Thunderjack are going to be FREE to read (NOTE: They are STILL COPYRIGHTED and are NOT Public Domain). Dr. Thunderjack will take donations. Show Dr. Thunderjack how much you enjoyed the stories, by giving him as much money as you feel the story was worth to you. Donate based off of your enjoyment and ethical standards only, and enjoy the work!


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